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At Cleveland Clinic Laboratories, our pathologists were among the first in the United States to routinely use molecular tests in the clinical setting, making our team among the most experienced in the country in clinical applications and interpretation of molecular testing.

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories features an expansive menu of tests that range from commercially available, moderately complex assays to esoteric and highly complex molecular diagnostic tests. With every test result, the department is focused on delivering personalized, world-class service and total customer satisfaction.

Although Cleveland Clinic Laboratories offer some of the most complex assays available, we never lose sight of the big picture: that each specimen represents a patient’s life and the results of each test performed will profoundly impact that patient, in some instance changing the entire course of therapy.

Operational Cores

Molecular Pathology achieves efficiencies by operating a number of core laboratories around key technologies. The operational cores consist of:

  • Materials handling core
  • Extraction core
  • Rapid-cycle and traditional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) core
  • Commercial assays core
  • Cytogenetic core
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) core
  • Sequencing core
  • Microarray core
  • Methylation and epigenetics core

This core concept provides us the opportunity to integrate continuous improvement tools to optimize laboratory productivity, which in turn translates into better turnaround time for patient results. Although a high degree of efficiency is a goal of each core, a keen eye is maintained on quality metrics and quality improvement initiatives are ongoing.

The outcome of this unique structure, which engages individuals with subspecialty pathology expertise, molecular technical experts, and skilled administrative and technical personnel, is maximum throughput for superior customer service coupled with the confidence of having every test performed, handled and reported by some of the finest experts in the field.


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